July 2018

How to commercialise new products – Salesbook and Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1: Identifying value in the offer
Part 2: Prototyping new product and price
Part 3: Key rules how to commercialise IT products

As indicated in earlier Biznes Ring interviews, the ability to properly commercialise new products and services is one of key challenges on our market. My guests – the Managers of Salesbook – have agreed to share with me the details of how to successfully launch new product based on digital technologies. We discuss in detail what kind of customer information do we need to gather and how do we need to use it in order to prototype a sales application, which in 12 months has gained many thousands of users.

Transformation of business models in Polish companies – Marcin Słomski, Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1: Definition of business model
Part 2: Challenges and levers in a business model
Part 3: Internal challenges – commercialisation

Market saturation and increasing competitiveness in many industries is the reason why simple growth formula doesn’t work any more in case of many companies. Price wars, limited access to resources, increasing costs – these are everyday challenges on our market. How to successfully run a company in such demanding conditions? How to use the knowledge about business modelling to leverage company’s growth? How to transform current business models? These are the main topics of my discussion with Marcin Słomski, Managing Partner in Private Venture Partners.

The digitalisation of the sales process in B2B – Agnieszka Węglarz, Michał Skurowski, Agnieszka Zawadka

Part 1: What is a sales process
Part 2: Scalability of a sales process
Part 3: Implementation – tools and competences

High degree of competitiveness implies quick professionalization of sales in Polish B2B. The traditional model of an autonomous sales representative which is responsible for every stages of sales – from lead generation to deal closing – becomes counterproductive.

Professionalization embraces the entire sales process, yet each of its’ stages can be optimised in a different way. The automation of prospecting is one of the leading trends on the path for greater sales efficiency. How can we use digital technologies to leverage sales process, especially its’ initial stages? This is the subject of my interview with CEO and CMO of Livespace, provider of a new generation CRM for B2B companies.

Gamification in sales – Agnieszka Węglarz, Paweł Kornosz

Part 1: Transformation of sales motivation schemes
Part 2: Gamification mechanisms
Part 3: Gamification benefits

Sales becomes critical business area and undergoes dynamic transformation. Sales system has many elements: strategy, models and processes, competences and people. Changes in the employment market imply new approach to sales people motivation. What are the new concepts in motivating sales teams? What is the potential of gamification in sales motivation? These are the topics of my interview with Paweł Kornosz, the CEO of YesIndeed, expert in sales motivation and gamification in sales.

Managing change in sale and marketing – Agnieszka Węglarz and Angelika Chimkowska

Part 1: Changes in sales
Part 2: Changes in marketing
Part 3: How to integrate marketing and sales – Strategy, objectives and values
Part 4: How to integrate marketing and sales – change programming

On a highly competitive, saturated market, sales and marketing are key functions in companies which want to grow. Both in B2C as well as in B2B these functions are undergoing a dramatic change. These changes are inevitable, yet often painful and difficult. My discussion with Angelika Chimkowska, change management expert, focuses on effective transformation of these elements in the company. What is the nature of marketing and sales transformation? How to perform this transformation? These are the topics of our interview.

Leader under the stress – Agnieszka Węglarz and Ewa Kempisty-Jeznach, PhD.

Part 1: The definition of stress
Part 2: Managing the stress
Part 3: Coaching the leader

In the volatile business environment company leaders feel constant pressure – on results, efficiency, growth.
The responsibility they bear is not only a privilege but also a huge challenge. The stress increases when the company enters structural and business changes. How can the leader prepare himself for the up-coming changes, to be more resistant to pressure and stress?


Turquoise organisations – Agnieszka Węglarz, Andrzej Jeznach

Part 1: Responsibility
Part 2: Pressure or gravity?
Part 3: Transformation of a leader
Part 4: The mechanics of change
Part 5: How to implement

Change becomes the immanent element of business. The need of change usually comes from the top management of the company. Managers expect that all company employees proactively join the change, yet some of the employees become reluctant. What is the reason for this reluctancy and what are the remedies? How can managers benefit from the idea of “turquoise” management to engage their people in the transformation process? This are the topics of my interview with Andrzej Jeznach, author, writer and entrepreneur who successfully implemented elements of turquoise organisation in his company.