The digitalisation of the sales process in B2B – Agnieszka Węglarz, Michał Skurowski, Agnieszka Zawadka

Part 1: What is a sales process
Part 2: Scalability of a sales process
Part 3: Implementation – tools and competences

High degree of competitiveness implies quick professionalization of sales in Polish B2B. The traditional model of an autonomous sales representative which is responsible for every stages of sales – from lead generation to deal closing – becomes counterproductive.

Professionalization embraces the entire sales process, yet each of its’ stages can be optimised in a different way. The automation of prospecting is one of the leading trends on the path for greater sales efficiency. How can we use digital technologies to leverage sales process, especially its’ initial stages? This is the subject of my interview with CEO and CMO of Livespace, provider of a new generation CRM for B2B companies.