I specialize in business development in B2B, I work mostly with companies from SME sector (small and medium enterprises) and startups. Additionally I have many years of experience on the B2C market. On a highly competitive market entrepreneurs don’t have time and money to waste – they need proven solutions which will effectively support their companies’ growth. I use my long term executive and training expertise as well as proven tools to help my Clients in diagnosing their current problems and developing effective solutions in key growth areas.

Accelerated growth

My mission is to assist my clients in developing strategic solutions which will accelerate their business. My work is based on a proven process and tools, used in a series of workshops and mentoring sessions. My Clients can go through the entire process with me or pick those areas of their business model which require most immediate change. I also help them to transform their entire business models.

Segments in business model

  • Market and client segmentation
  • Key source of business
  • Optimum client structure

CHANNELS AND relations in business model

  • Clients’ buying processes
  • Sales models
  • Sales channels

MODULE 3 Value proposition in business model

  • Company’s value proposition
  • Product value proposition
  • Service value proposition

sales process

  • Key stages of the sales process
  • Tools supporting sales process
  • Consultative sales

marketing activities

  • Customer journeys
  • Activities plan on customer journey
  • Value communication

Quick and efficient formula

We work on the solutions in a project team in the agile methodology, often in fully remote conditions, concentrating on quick development of first concepts.

Setting objectives, agenda, timing

Structured discussions

Proven tools to support the process

Concepts implemented “on the go”

Focus on growth

My methodology is focused on bringing actual results.

Identification of business priorities (markets, industries, client segments)

Offers bringing value to customers and profit to company

Value proposition providing competitive advantage

Priority activities in sales

Priority activities in marketing