Biznes Ring is my proprietary cycle of business interviews with Polish entrepreneurs and managers. The mission of Biznes Ring is to create high quality educational content encouraging Polish companies to develop new competences, new management tools and new style of leadership. I talk to business experts who are not afraid to confront even most challenging subjects and are ready to answer even most meticulous questions. In our discussions we point out new solutions for companies that are facing new challenges within their organisations and in their business environments.

A parallel initiative to Biznes Ring is Biznes Ring Mixer – it is an event during which Biznes Ring guests join their forces to exchange their experiences and shape new outlook on what is needed in contemporary companies to maintain their competitive advantage in the times of volatility and uncertainty on their markets.

Business Model – practical application and benefits for the company

Business model management is the subject of second part of my interview with Intratel, Dell platinum partner, first Polish company supplying cloud technologies in Silicon Valley and data storage expert. We refer to our strategic project to talk about practical applications and benefits of business model for the company. We discuss how business model concept can bring financial benefits on highly competitive markets or even in times of economic slowdown.

The influence of data and cloud on business

Part 1: Trends in data storage

Part 2: The future of cloud and data security

Part 3: Implementation of a data security system

This edition of Biznes Ring is hosting the President and Vice president of Intratel sp. z o.o., Dell Technologies Platinium Partner, first Polish company delivering cloud solutions in Silicon Valley and expert in data storage. Data is the bloodstream of the company, providing valuable input into business decisions. Data collection, analysis and storage as well as protection have become important element of everyday business activities not only in large enterprises, but also in SME sector. In many cases the speed of data recovery is critical to keep business continuity. In this edition of Biznes Ring we discuss latest trends in data storage, cloud technologies and efficient implementation of data storage and security systems in companies.

The scalable business model of Xtreme Fitness Gyms

Part 1: Target group

Part 2: Value offer and pricing

Part 3: Standardization and digitization of activities and resources

Part 4: Team, Know-how, Development

In the recent editions of Biznes Ring we have been concentrating on the topic of business model efficiency. The guest of this edition is Lukas Dojka, CEO of Xtreme Fitness Gyms, a polish fitness club network which has witnessed dynamic growth in the last years. The cornerstone of Xtreme Fitness’ growth is a meticulous franchise model created by its’ polish founders. As emphasized by its’ CEO, this franchise model guarantees profitability and growth because it is based on a scalable business model. What does Xtreme Fitness Gyms business model look like and what are the levers of its scalability – these are my key questions on the agenda of this Biznes Ring interview with Lukas.

New technologies in recruitment processes – Sebastian Popiel from People and Agnieszka Weglarz

Part 1: New phenomena on the labor market

Part 2: The most important challenges in recruitment processes

Part 3: The role of new technologies in recruitment processes

Part 4: The role of human competence in recruitment processes

Part 5: New challenges in recruitment processes and how to deal with them

In several recent Business Ring episodes we have been discussing the transformation of individual elements of the business model. Today, the theme of our conversation will be the use of new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, for the transformation of human resources management. My guest is Sebastian Popiel, Member of the People Management Board, who has been involved in extensive recruitment projects for Polish and international clients for many years.


Agile methods of managing sales in B2B – Tadeusz Woronowicz, Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1: Disadvantages of the traditional sales model

Part 2: Elements of agile approach

Part 3: Implementing agile approach

In many Polish companies, the management of sales is still and maybe even more and more challenging. The goals are growing, and the sellers are operating less and less effectively. About why this is happening, why old methods of sales management are no longer working and what are the new, agile methods, I am talking with Tadeusz Woronowicz, the President of the Higea company. Tadeusz is an expert in building effective sales teams in the B2B sector and the creator of the  “Managing sales teams in the subscription model” service.

Effectiveness of decision processes in the company – Błażej Jurewicz i Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1: A modern model of decision making

Part 2: Making decisions in the area of pricing and value offer

In the days of VUCA – the high complexity and variability of the business environment, decision making by business leaders is increasingly difficult. Managers often get very large amounts of data that cause information noise, so their choices may be subject to inference errors. How to make strategic decisions more effectively and for the benefit of the company? How should traditional decision-making models change? I talk about this with Błażej Jurewicz, CEO of Architects of Value, an expert in the field of decision-making.

Agile digital transformation in the company – Grzegorz Perkowski from Infinity Group and Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1 – Defining the project

Part 2 – Organization and implementation of the project

This time Grzegorz Perkowski, Chief Technology Officer at Infinity Group is the guest of Business Ring and the subject of our conversation is the digital transformation in the company. Grzegorz combines many years of experience of IT practitioner, business analyst and is an entrepreneur himself, therefore we conduct our discussion from the practical perspective of the owner of a medium Polish business. We are talking about the benefits of a company from digital transformation, but also how to deal with the key challenge of transformation – how to organize it and carry it out in a company that needs to function smoothly on a daily basis.

How to commercialise new products – Salesbook and Agnieszka Węglarz

Part 1: Identifying value in the offer
Part 2: Prototyping new product and price
Part 3: Key rules how to commercialise IT products

As indicated in earlier Biznes Ring interviews, the ability to properly commercialise new products and services is one of key challenges on our market. My guests – the Managers of Salesbook – have agreed to share with me the details of how to successfully launch new product based on digital technologies. We discuss in detail what kind of customer information do we need to gather and how do we need to use it in order to prototype a sales application, which in 12 months has gained many thousands of users.