June 2019

The scalable business model of Xtreme Fitness Gyms

Part 1: Target group

Part 2: Value offer and pricing

Part 3: Standardization and digitization of activities and resources

Part 4: Team, Know-how, Development

In the recent editions of Biznes Ring we have been concentrating on the topic of business model efficiency. The guest of this edition is Lukas Dojka, CEO of Xtreme Fitness Gyms, a polish fitness club network which has witnessed dynamic growth in the last years. The cornerstone of Xtreme Fitness’ growth is a meticulous franchise model created by its’ polish founders. As emphasized by its’ CEO, this franchise model guarantees profitability and growth because it is based on a scalable business model. What does Xtreme Fitness Gyms business model look like and what are the levers of its scalability – these are my key questions on the agenda of this Biznes Ring interview with Lukas.