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Building a business model of a sound healing application. Interview with the team.

The importance of mental wellbeing is being raised more and more often, but people still don’t know how to manage their feelings and transform them without bottling them up all the time. Today I talk to the founders of –  a sound healing and AI-based application helping us to manage stress and anxiety. They share with me their story of how they developed and commercialized their application, working at the intersection of psychology, science, technology and business.



Lyofood is a freeze-dried food producer. Lyofood products are fast to prepare, but they are preservatives free and you can store them long time. They are made only of natural ingredients. The product has unique features and superior quality, but nowadays even a great product is not enough to successfully build growing business. One needs an efficient business model. Today I talk to Laura Godek – Lyofood co-founder about Lyofood business model and its’ growth levers.


Why do you need a mission and business model when the going gets tough in your startup

Startup founder has to be a “jack of all trades” and master of everything –  he or she has to have a very broad knowledge and fix many problems at the same time. Sometimes however even “jacks of all trades” can hit the wall and feel lost when their startups grow and there are literally hundreds of business decisions to be made every day. In my interview with Magdalena Przelaskowska and Zofia Kłudka we discuss how mission statement and business model can help the startup founders to straighten things up.