January 2024

Managing the startup: the Need for a Measurable Approach and KPIs

In today’s dynamic business environment, small tech companies face unique challenges when it comes to scaling production and sales. One of key factors determining their success is the adoption of a measurable approach, as it helps to better manage activities and processes within the company. For the Board of Management this involves not only effective financial management but also focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the commercial and operational realm.


Navigating Business in startups: the Role of People and Competencies

In the dynamic landscape of startups, where change is constant and resources are limited, the success of a company relies on more than just a groundbreaking idea or cutting-edge technology. The real driving force behind sustainable growth lies in the assembly of a team equipped with the right competencies. As we dig deeper into the importance of competencies in scaling a business, it’s essential to recognize the central role they play in achieving growth.