June 2021

Building a business model of a tech skills platform. Interview with the Hub21 team.

The world has been changing faster than ever due to improvements in technology sector. However, schools face the challenge to catch up with technology education and there is a shortage of trained teachers in this area. Today I talk to the founders of Hub21 – a platform which aims at connecting today’s technology producers with tomorrow`s in order to empower them with Coding, Game Dev, and Creative Tech. Didem and Sylvain share with me the story of how they worked on the business model of their platform.


Building a business model of a sound healing application. Interview with the Wevoice.ai team.

The importance of mental wellbeing is being raised more and more often, but people still don’t know how to manage their feelings and transform them without bottling them up all the time. Today I talk to the founders of Wevoice.ai –  a sound healing and AI-based application helping us to manage stress and anxiety. They share with me their story of how they developed and commercialized their application, working at the intersection of psychology, science, technology and business.