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What the CEO in SME company should know about segmentation to profitably manage sales and offer?

In my last article I was referring to a typical situation, when a sales representative comes to his boss asking for his permission to lower the price in the offer in order to overcome client’s barriers and thus to increase sales. I was emphasizing that the reasons for company’s sales deciline may lie outside the pricing area. The reason for sales decline may be the lack of proper value proposition – discussed in my previous article or lack of adequate segmentation – which I address in this post.


renatability of the value proposition

What should the CEO of an SME company know about value proposition to make it profitable?

A sales representative comes to his boss and asks for his approval to lower the price in the offer, because sales slowed down and market is “demanding”. This situation is known to many CEOs in the SME sector, whether they are a production company, a service company or a distributor. However a slow down of our sales may happen for many different reasons and does not necessarily mean that our prices are too high.

If the company doesn’t verify the actual reasons for declining sales and immediately cuts its’ prices, it may unnecessarily lower the profits.


4 lessons from pricing conference by Simon Kucher & Partners

I was recently invited to be one of the speakers at Simon Kucher & Partners conference held in Warsaw on the 28th of September. The conference focused on the importance of pricing and innovation in the organization. One of the highlights of the event was Georg Tacke’s speech on innovation. Georg presented striking numbers from the recent study by Simon Kucher & Partners.