Preparing your business to grow

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. To achieve growth, especially with limited resources, a well-thought-out sales strategy and efficient sales processes are imperative. Here is a concise breakdown of key considerations.

Define Your Target Market: Identify market segments that you can conquer with your available resources. Prioritize customers with buying potential who are accessible for you.

Craft a Relevant Value Proposition: Develop a compelling value proposition tailored to your target audience. Clearly communicate how your product or service meets their specific needs and provides unique benefits against competitors.

Precision in Targeting: Precision in targeting is a key success factor. A clearly defined segment allows you to understand the customer journey, choose the right sales channels, and offer relevant values tailored to that segment.

Map Your Sales Processes: Create a comprehensive map of your sales processes to understand the necessary steps for generating opportunities and converting leads into customers. Remember – sales processes can differ significantly. Especially when we take into consideration a scalable sales process of a “classical” SAAS product versus a consultative sales process of a tailor made tech solution requiring advanced calibration to customers’ needs.

Precision and Measurability: Precision is essential to achieve efficiency in sales processes. Each customer segment may require a different sales approach and different sequence of activities.

Establish Relevant KPIs: Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and control the flow of your sales. Regularly analyze your pipelines and statistics to identify performance gaps and take strategic actions.

Leverage Digital Technologies and AI: Embrace digital technologies and AI-based solutions to enhance the efficiency of your sales processes. Automation, data analytics, and predictive algorithms can optimize lead generation, customer engagement, and decision-making.

Remember, the path to successful sales involves tailoring your strategies to different customer segments, crafting a compelling value proposition, leveraging technology, and maintaining a data-driven approach to continuously improve your sales efforts.


Agnieszka Węglarz is an independent consultant, business strategist and practitioner in B2B and B2C, as well as lecturer, speaker and blogger. She has over 20 years of professional experience working as manager in both large corporations and SMEs, where she was responsible for strategy, marketing and business development. She uses her long term executive experience and training expertise to assist companies and their managers in building and implementing their business strategies. She specializes in business modeling, segmentation, value proposition, sales and marketing strategies as well as consultative selling. She runs her own consultancy business, as well as cooperates with Google for Startups as the business modeling expert and mentor in the acceleration programs. Agnieszka is an author of many business publications. You can read her writing on her business blog on You can contact her directly by sending a message via LinkedIN.