I help companies in business development, I specialise in B2B. On a highly competitive markets entrepreneurs don’t have time and money to waste: they need proven solutions which will effectively support their companies’ growth – delivered fast and right at first time. I use my long term executive experience and training expertise to assist companies and their managers in building their business development strategy through series of workshops and sessions. I help my Clients to diagnose their current position and work out their development plan in key growth areas: market and client segments, sales model and process, value proposition, marketing activities supporting lead generation.

Accelerated growth solution

My solution is based on a process which involves proven tools and methodology. We work through a series of facilitated workshops and sessions. Each workshop focuses on a separate area of growth, so my Clients can go through the entire process or just pick the building blocks, which require most immediate change in their current business.

Segments in business model

  • Company business objectives
  • Market and client segmentation
  • Key source of business
  • Optimum client structure

Clients’ relations in business model

  • Buyer Personas in key segments
  • Buying process of key Buying Personas
  • Expected values in key segments

Value proposition in business model

  • Value proposition for key segments

sales process

  • Qualification of leads to sales process
  • Key stages of sales process
  • Value proposition for subsequent sales process stages

marketing activities

  • Customer Journey
  • Marketing activities plan
  • Value communication in segments and channels

The benefits of my solution – fast and efficient formula

High quality process organisation: setting the objectives and expected results, agenda, timeframe

High quality facilitation:
pre works, post works, active involvement in the group discussion

Proven tools to support the process

Real-time problem solutions

The outcome – the growth plan

Identification of sales and business priorities (markets, sectors, client segments)

Definition of key values and benefits in client segments

Prototypes of winning value proposition and value proposition presentation

Definition of effective sales process

Marketing and sales activities plan